Yesterday, 16th April Friday, Dhaka University Evening MBA(EMBA) 18th Batch Admission Result Published. Sorry to say but this results is not digitalized, means its not published online and we cant find any kind of digital format for this result. There are almost 8000 Examinee, final seat is limited to 625, they have selected 1325 participent for Viva.
1.To know result you could call the depertment Here is contact info
Office of the Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka. Telephone # 8613295, 9661920-73/ Ext. 4360.

2. Call a friend on Dhaka University or nearby area, and told him/her to check results for you in Business Studies Department.

3. Check Yourself, go to Dhaka University, check your results in Business Studies Department notice board.